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No idea is more fundamental to who we are than the idea that we are free to choose what we do and who we will become.

This idea is known as free will and since ancient times humanity has debated whether or not we have it. The question still remains: are we truly free? And in what sense are we free? Are we determined by forced beyond our control? Is free will compatible with determinism? What does quantum mechanics and neuroscience say? Is free will necessary in order for society to function? What implications does free will have on morality, religion, and the criminal justice system?

Free Will? A Documentary explores all of these topics and more.

The Mission


Why make a documentary on free will?

Amazingly, there have been a few major documentaries dedicated entirely to the free will debate, despite the importance that the concept has to our sense of identity, and the numerous books written on the topic in recent years. "Free will" seems to be a trending subject that everyone now has an opinion on.


That's where we come in. 

We're gathering some of the best minds available on every side of the issue—libertarians, determinists, and compatibilists—to offer the best arguments from each side. In short, the mission will be to change the cultural zeitgeist on its understanding of free will.

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